Workplace Safety Signage

Imagine the workplace without signage – things would become crazy really quickly!
Maybe surprisingly, the main benefit of good signage throughout your business is increased productivity and reduced lost days!
Use of signage in the workplace can often be underestimated. Of course, signage has an informative and practical use; but well-designed signage which reflects your business culture too; says so much more!
Workplace Safety
Interestingly, the key message that the HSE are working towards states “Workplace safety has improved dramatically in recent decades—worker injuries and illnesses have decreased from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers in 1972 to three incidents per 100 workers in 2015—yet work remains to be done.”
We all know every work place needs well designed clear signage to aid safety and care for all who enter the premises, but this goes so much further when you think of where the signage is placed and if it actually suits the purpose.

Safety Signage
The main uses are:
• Access and Egress
• People safety and information
• Warning signs - such as Danger, vehicles operating, high risk area NO Entry. Workwear PPE requirements, Maximum speed, weight limits etc.
Good signage is also a demonstration of business intent and represents the business culture, very important for wellbeing and creating positive first impressions. Good signage clearly shows the business seriousness to not only complying with legislation; but demonstrates its attitude to customers and suppliers. Good safety signage helps to reduce accidents and therefore increase productive day availability!
A further benefit is to brand relevant signage as part of your business presentation; as this enforces that the company is not just complying, but requires ALL to exceed and create an excellence culture!
There are warning and information signs available as ‘standard’ designs. However, not all standard designs suit the location where the sign is needed. Your business may wish to create more impact by incorporating your brand into relevant signage. For those occasions we also offer bespoke signage. We work with your H&S representative as required.

If you are placing an order for signage, here are some things to consider:
Where is the signage needed? – Indoor or outdoor, positioned on the walls or hanging from the ceiling? Wherever you need your signage, the specification is key to its use. Be clear what you need it to do.
Direction of signage information – What will make it accurate for where the signage is needed and will be placed?
Signage material – Is a non-reflective material required? Think of the effects of indoor lighting and sunlight on your proposed location – will your signage always be readable?
Size required – Consider the distance the signage will be viewed, is it clearly visible and readable?
Signage colours and additional design - Always comply with legislation as a base point; but use of materials and colours in ‘system design’ makes it easy to reference within the total business.
Good signage brings clarity of purpose. As a result, employees and visitors are able to ‘understand’ without need to engage support of others. Again, this reinforces an ‘efficient culture’ and good ‘business values’.
Use of consistent colours allows the user to quickly follow an instruction or a theme – a good example of this is when used in walkways and transport routes within a business, helping people to reach a specific area quickly and easily through identification.
Creating business and site signage can be challenging, we help the process by becoming your ‘one stop shop’ whatever your workplace signage needs.
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